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My Favorite Headache

Geddy Lee - My Favorite Headache ©2000 Atlantic
1. My Favorite Headache
2. Present Tense
3. Window To The World
4. Working At Perfekt
5. Runaway Train
6. Angels' Share
7. Moving To Bohemia
8. Home On The Strange
9. Slipping
10. Still
11. Grace To Grace

Given the state of limbo of his main band Rush, it's no surprise that Geddy Lee has finally taken the plunge into making a solo album to fill up time until Rush drummer Neil Peart sorts out his personal life. Written and performed with multi-instrumentalist Ben Mink and drummer Matt Cameron, ex of Soundgarden and part of the excellent Wellwater Conspiracy, My Favorite Headache is a pretty decent jaunt for Lee and may do a decent job in placating impatient Rush fans. The album may strike fans as "Rush Lite" and actually a more than competent follow up to the last studio Rush album, Test for Echo. Ben Mink offers occasional orchestration to create lush passages for the music while the songs themselves are definitely in the vein of the last couple of Rush albums. Considering Lee has such a distinctive voice as the frontman for his other band, the instant comparisons to Rush are inevitable. However, the other musicians on the album do offer input that pushes the comparisons aside. Cameron's drumming style is much more straightforward and not so nearly as complex as Peart's. More interestingly, the songs do not focus much on Lee's impressive bass playing ability but on composition.

For the most part I find these songs here enjoyable, but certainly not outstanding. With the style resembling the past couple of Rush releases, both of which I was far from enthused about, My Favorite Headache will not immediately jump to the top of my favorite albums list. However, the album is a step up for Geddy Lee and overall comes across as solid and consistent. Fans of the 90s era of Rush will certainly need to find a copy of this for their collection and should hold people over until Rush finally records again.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 01/2001

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