The Legion

Unseen To Creation

The Legion - Unseen To Creation ©2003 Listenable Records
1. Intro
2. Retribution
3. Those Beyond
4. Redeemer
5. Cosmopathic Deathvoid
6. Knee Deep In Blood
7. On Swift Wings
8. Ascendancy
9. Awakened Fury
10. Invoking The End
11. Rise Of The Fallen

Sweden's The Legion has ties to Marduk. And apparently, upon listening to The Legion's Unseen to Creation, they're in absolutely no hurry to cut the ties at all. The Legion's musical departure from Marduk is about as vast as taking a roadtrip across the street. Unseen to Creation is hyperspeed black metal that the likes of Dark Funeral and Marduk simply adore playing and the deviations from the core, fundamental sound is minimal at most. In fact, I bet you could confuse a Marduk fan by sneaking this CD in place of whatever CD Marduk has put out recently. No one would know the difference. Granted, The Legion does a compentent take on the style but the style is generally a bit tilted towards stagnation and indifference. I've long lamented Marduk's biggest flaw was the sheer lack of dynamics in their songwriting. Everything is as interchangeable as Henry Ford's Model T cars. There might as well be a Swedish Black Metal factory that assembles this sort of music.

For the sake of originality, it'd be nice if The Legion would pursue finding a more unique sound. Otherwise, it's just another case of everyone driving the same type of car around town.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2004

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