Paul Lemos & Joe Papa

Music For Stolen Icons Part 2

Paul Lemos & Joe Papa - Music For Stolen Icons Part 2 ©1993 Artware Products
1. This Dormant Earth
2. Psalm (of Angels)
3. The Drowning Part 2
4. Feast Of Fire
5. Eulogy
6. Tormentor's Song
7. Tormentor Reprise

I'm a little bit mystified why this particular release is credited to only Paul Lemos and Joe Papa rather than Controlled Bleeding since the music is very much in the vein of Songs From the Ashes, rather than being a fairly different and deviate from what you might expect from these two artist. But then again, given Controlled Bleeding's wide spectrum of sounds, nothing is really unexpected.

Songs for Stolen Icons Part 2 is a very somber, moody album with sparse sound arrangements and quite a bit of Joe Papa's brooding dark vocals. Only occasionally does the harsher side of the duo's musical output arise and only in small doses at that. For the most part the album is a haunting and quiet piece of work that is very suitable for a late night playing. "The Drowning Part 2" features a lot of echoing, sparse percussion while "Eulogy" is a funeralesque somber piece that summons a very morose feel. If you have been a fan of the quieter side of Controlled Bleeding, finding this disc is very much worth your time as it features the duo in good form.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/2000

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