Life Of Agony

Soul Searching Sun

Life Of Agony - Soul Searching Sun ©1997 Roadrunner
1. Hope
2. Weeds
3. Gently Sentimental
4. Tangerine
5. My Mind Is Dangerous
6. Neg
7. Lead You Astray
8. Heroin Dreams
9. None
10. Angry Tree
11. Hemophiliac In Me
12. Desire
13. Whispers
14. River Runs Red (Re-Zamped)
15. Let's Pretend (Trippin')

Soul Searching Sun is so overwhelmingly appalling in its fire-starting mediocrity my eyes watered profusely and I could've sworn my Pulp Fiction poster began peeling. If you're gonna pull a fast one on your fans, court new musical vistas, and expect them to hang around, you had better do damn good job of it (please refer to Paradise Lost). As a fan since the River Runs Red days, it's painfully evident LOA have inadvertently thrown themselves over the cliffs into the waters below with this odious, abominable pop rock atrocity. I mean, what the hell is it trying to be? Pop-punk? AOR? Hardcore-Limp? Lobotomy Rock? The muted, sleepy production doesn't help, but the songwriting is the key to this album's inevitable spin into oblivion, amounting essentially to mere lackadaisical unmemorable rock ditties with offensively dumb lyrics. Sure, "Weeds" could have been a huge hit, but one swallow does not a summer make. Avoid.

Review by Lee Steadham

Review date: 03/1999

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