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Dekadens EP

Lifelover - Dekadens EP ©2009 Osmose
1. Luguber Framtid
2. Myspys
3. Major Fuck Off
4. Lethargy
5. Androider
6. Visdomsord
7. Destination: Ingenstans

With a band name like Lifelover, one can imagine a couple scenarios. A) The band started out as clean cut, sharply dressed young missionaries in a church rock band before finding a Slayer record after eating a holy wafer laced with acid and never bothering to rename the band. B) An attempt at an ironic band name from a group of people who speak English as a second language. I'm leaning towards option B, although the first one is a far better back story. Anyhow, Lifelover is a Swedish outfit who squeeze the downtrodden nature of shoegazer music through the filter of black and gray metal and despite their amusing band name, pull it off quite admirably. Dekadens is the band's fourth official release and is a brief, seven song EP that simply comes in, states its case and leaves without a fuss. In today's bloated metal world where far too many bands overstay their welcome, this is a great change of pace.

Lifelover's sound harkens back to 1996 era Katatonia mixed with a little bit of Bethlehem's extreme vocal style with a tad of Ildjarn's simplicity. In fact, on a couple occasions on this record, Lifelover sounds like what Ildjarn might have been had if he weren't content recording half-assed demos and bothered to put some effort into his music. There's even a hint of Drudkh's bleakness mixed with the ability to sneak in a rather snappy guitar riff. Dekadens also contains a sense of dynamics, with some occasional moody passages entering the fray. For a first impression of the band, this EP is a smashing success, as it certainly has me curious to check out the rest of their catalogue. Lifelover might be offering up a style that's been explored by many, but their good songwriting skills offers a fresh look at things.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 10/2009

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