Limp Bizkit

Three Dollar Bill Yall$

Limp Bizkit - Three Dollar Bill Yall$ ©1997 Interscope
1. Intro
2. Pollution
3. Counterfeit
4. Stuck
5. Nobody Loves Me
6. Sour
7. Stalemate
8. Clunk
9. Faith
10. Stink Finger
11. Indigo Flow
12. Leech
13. Everything

Adidas, rapping, angsty lyrics, samples, funky grooves, screaming, ad nauseum. Stand in line, you know the drill. More spokes off the hub that Korn have wrought, and to a lesser extent, the Deftones, whose utter superiority to this cack is so obvious I just have to laugh. And laugh I will. You see, rap music is that airheaded kid that sat at back of your classroom, popular, but vacant, and damn difficult to ignore because he was so obnoxious. Limp Bizkit's Kornification of rap music may well be a teen's wet-dream come true, but stoopid lyrics like "fakin all the flava" and tough guy machismo will carry no weight with me. And the biggest larf of all, "Counterfeit", a diatribe about trends, confirms my suspicion, the band apparently unaware of the deep ironies at work here. Lyrical analysis is futile though, sorta like perusing mattress tags for an iambic sonnet. But don't mind me, 'cause this will sell like justice for the rich. If you like your Korn-metal with an odious rap husk, well, there it is.

Review by Lee Steadham

Review date: 01/1999

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