Industrial Requiem

Lockweld - Industrial Requiem ©2001 Dragon Flight Recordings
1. Black Resin
2. Blue Collar Noose
3. I Know How Long Your Legs Are
4. We Are All Sheep
5. They Are Lost
6. Bleed Through The Scriptures
7. At The End Of A Gun, At The Edge Of A Knife
8. Salt
9. Industrial Requiem
10. Stainless Steel
11. A Reading, A Teaching And A Jihad
12. It's Not Me
13. Feast Of The Assumption
14. 4:44
15. Dissipated Existence

This is a difficult disc for me to grasp. There are fifteen tracks of noises ranging from something like an electric razor being applied to a cast iron Dutch oven to an idling propeller that throttles up and down at odd intervals.

This is ambient sound. The effects are produced by a husband and wife team who add the odd vocal effect here and there. The web site features links to Black & Decker and Makita power tools as these tools are featured "instruments" on this album.

A co-worker of mine asked me what the noise was coming from my desk when I first listened to this disc. She was afraid her computer was about to severely malfunction.

This is not what I would term music by any stretch of the definition. Nor does it make for a pleasant hour contemplating the meaning of life while seated on your deck overlooking a peaceful lake. It might make a good backdrop for running for your life through the junk yard trying to escape the pursuing dobermans. As I indicated at the beginning of this review, I do not comprehend the content of this disc. Nor am I able to think of a situation during which listening to it might be enjoyable. If you want sounds like these, this disc might be a cheaper alternative to buying your own power sander or circular saw, but you'd be advised to buy the tools as you can build your own furniture while producing the same kinds of sounds. Fair warning, if you feel the urge to dance whilst building that furniture, turn the saw off first.

Review by Matthew Braymiller

Review date: 09/2001

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