Los Infernos

Planet Kaos

Los Infernos - Planet Kaos ©1996 Dr. Dream
1. Crying
2. Hard Life
3. Evil
4. Daddy-O
5. Hessian
6. Tomorrow
7. Planet Kaos
8. Lost And Confused
9. Saturday Night
10. The Fool
11. Misunderstood
12. Lucky Few

Los Infernos is one helluva ugly band playing a sound and style that is completely befitting to their streetwise, greaser look. First introduced to their exciting music via an opening set with Agent Orange a few years ago, I've been highly impressed with Los Infernos ability to kick up a serious amount of dust with their brew of rockabilly and surf punk. The band plays with such enthusiasm, groove and passion that you'll be getting off your lazy, unpunk butt and dancing right along with them. From singer Derek Coon's pseudo-Elvis/Danzig-eque voice to the high kineticism of the band, Los Infernos is a prime example of how this type of music can be done in a fresh, fun way. The song topics range from heartbreak to other street-oriented thoughts and are given credibility by the fact that you know this band lives what they sing. From beginning to end, Planet Kaos is a frantic romp that will have listeners singing along from the first verse of "Crying" to the last moments of "Lucky Few". Definitely one of the most fun, punked out rockabilly/surf records I've heard in my day.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/2002

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