Lost Resolve

EP Demo 2011

Lost Resolve - EP Demo 2011 ©2011 Self Released
1. Lone Wolf
2. Wasted Words
3. Farewell

Normally I tend to veer away from demos from bands. In many cases, the recording quality is not exactly the best and sketches of musical ideas are far less interesting to me than the point where a band has entered the studio with fully realized ideas. But these days with recording equipment being rather inexpensive, it's possible for a good musician to sit in his bedroom and record studio quality material with ease, assuming the musician takes a little time to learn the craft of recording. In the case of Lost Resolve, multi-instrumentalist Mark R. has done a fine job of both coming up with good music and the ability to record a quality, highly enjoyable demo. Mark R. may be known to some as the man behind Ov Hollowness. Both bands are solely his projects alone and apparently the material that has ended up on this Lost Resolve EP is music that didn't quite fit into the Ov Hollowness canon.

For the most part, Ep Demo 2011 is high tempo black metal influenced music that does not lose impact due to the frenzy of blast beat speed drums. In the fast paced segments, Lost Resolve never loses musical cohesion or the underlying fluid nature of the songwriting. As "Wasted Words" shows, Lost Resolve can slow down to create somber passages as well. What impresses me about Lost Resolve is that the speedy songs are more in the realm of Windir (minus symphonics or folk music influence) and fortunately far away from the mindless barrage of a Marduk type of band. The mood borders of triumphant epic-ness. Isn't that the point of this style of music? If there's no triumph, you get stuck with dreadful My Dying Bride rip offs. And no one wants that.

It's not often a demo or initial release from an artist strongly catches my attention. Lost Resolve has put together a very solid three song release that deserves the ears of metal fans worldwide. Here's hope Mark R. continues writing songs in this general vein of music as it's a quite impressive and enjoyable piece of work.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 12/2011

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