Love History


Love History - Anasazi ©2000 The End Records
1. Lost
2. Angealism
3. Korbel
4. Masterless
5. Sown
6. Spiritual
7. The Mass
8. Phantomous
9. Voices
10. CD-Rom Bonus Track: Lost

Lying somewhere in the general precinct area of doom metal bordered by the gothy neighborhood, Czech Republic's Love History has been long awaited by those who pay attention to The End Records and their compilation discs. The band sports a fairly unusual sound that is just as content to thrust death and brutality as they are to insert soft, passionate interludes into the music. The result is something that reminds me of a Moonspell that is not stuck on their lead singer's inflated sense of self importance and more concerned with writing ambitious music. There is a good deal of symphonic and cultural elements in the music as well, as the instrumental "Korbel" shows. The band utilizes a wide range of instrumentation, which gives it a lot of depth. More importantly, the band never brainlocks on one particular songwriting idea, so there is variance throughout the CD. There are also a variety of singing approaches, from the Moonspell deep bass tones to a highly distorted death grunt. That death metal vocal style is actually a bit disconcerting as it sounds as though the vocalist didn't back off from the microphone enough during recording, causing the distortion. It's not a huge distraction, but it occasionally sounds far too unpolished for what is otherwise a well performed record.

Love History will definitely appeal to any fan of doom metal and acts as yet another stellar member of The End Records' already strong roster of bands. The CD-Rom bonus includes a fairly pedestrian video for the opening track "Lost", which is at the very least amusing. Overall, Anasazi is a sturdy album that should supplant those who have lost faith in the likes of Moonspell and other overly dramatically goth tinged metal.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 11/2000

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