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Chronology Of A Love Affair

Love Like Blood - Chronology Of A Love Affair ©2001 Hall Of Sermon/The End Records
1. Decades (Joy Division)
2. She's In Parties (Bauhaus)
3. Strange Day (The Cure)
4. Lucretia My Reflection (Sisters Of Mercy)
5. Church Of No Return (Christian Death)
6. Wasteland (The Mission)
7. Rain (The Cult)
8. April Sky (Jesus And Mary Chain)
9. Love Under Will (Fields Of The Nephilim)
10. Injustice (Love Like Blood)
11. Love Like Blood (Killing Joke)
12. True Belief (Paradise Lost)
13. Copycat (Lacrimosa)
14. Black No. 1 (Type O Negative)
15. Whatever That Hurts (Tiamat)
16. The Great White World (Marilyn Manson)

Chronology of a Love Affair, the latest album from the long running goth-metal outfit Love Like Blood, is truly a different output. Obstensibly both a covers record as well as a compilation of sixteen different historically important bands of the past twenty years of goth metal and rock, Chronology is a loving tribute to Love Like Blood's influences and contemporaries. The band chose to arrange the album into four sections, with each section representing a different half decade of dark music. Moreover, rather than just compile an album, Love Like Blood has recorded their own version of each chosen song to provide a sense of continuity to the album and give their own respectful touch to each song. The resulting album is both an interesting overview of twenty years of black-clad music and a way for Love Like Blood to show off their own particular take on goth music as well.

The choice of tracks and artists includes both expected bands (Joy Division, Bauhaus, Christian Death, Fields of the Nephilim), interesting bands one might not normally think of with this style of music (The Cult) and surprising contemporary choices (Tiamat). Some of the original artists are bands I'm familiar with and others I'm less familiar with. I actually found myself enjoying the songs I was less familiar with than the cover versions of more familiar songs. Love Like Blood does a bang-up job through all the tracks from 1980 through 1990, giving them a healthy dose of metal guitar heaviness and of course the deep, thoroughly enjoyable vocals of Yorck Eysel which are suitably lower in tone but very expressive. The band offers their own sound while still retaining the feel of the originals. In a couple cases, particularly their cover of Killing Joke's "Love Like Blood" (and just where else do you think this band got their name?), I much, much prefer the original version. But in the majority of the cases, the band is able to add their touch while retaining the original's charm, such as the case of "Strange Day" (The Cure), "Love Under Will" (Fields of the Nephilim) or "Rain" (The Cult). I was also quite pleased to see the band nod their head to Tiamat, whose musical output since 1994 is mighty deserving of praise.

On the whole, this is a very solid goth metal record presented with class and respect for their roots. With the wealth of bands covered, interested parties may actually discover a couple new bands by way of these cover versions so this is darned near a compilation album as well. There are certainly many cheesier outfits out there who wallow in self-pity or indigestible maudlin dramatics, so Love Like Blood stands well above the rest.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/2001

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