LS-TTL - (el·es·tee·tee·el) ©2000 Dragon Flight Recordings
1. Drktual
2. Apoc
3. Telek
4. Eraf
5. Tro
6. Orc
7. Calmix
8. Ameshc

LS-TTL (which, for you acronym junkies, stands for Low Power Schottkey Transistor-Transistor Logic) is a very sparse, minimalistic ambient project of Brian Coffee. This is the sort of soundscape project that you either are fully engulfed by or fully dislike due to the usage of more than a few uncomfortable tones, feedback pitches and otherwise disconcerting sound qualities. The CD is billed as "The soundtrack for the untitled film of the mind" and I'd truly not want to spend much time watching that mind at work. Listening to this collection of tracks here is very similiar to lying on a cot in the back of a factory at night with your eyes closed and machinery running itself during the graveyard shift. There is no real obvious direction to where the sounds take you but you can't deny they have an effect on you in some manner. For the most part the sounds used here are not unbearably harsh or tedious washes of white noise and distorted din. (el·es·tee·tee·el) can be played on your headphones before bedtime, but expect your ensuing dreams to be considerably less pleasant. As with most ambient soundscape projects, you already know if you're in that target audience or not. LS-TTL is recommended for those hankering to hear that sort of thing.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 05/2001

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