L.S. Diesel

A Box Of Heavy Thoughts

L.S. Diesel - A Box Of Heavy Thoughts ©1999 Wondersound Records
2. Again
3. Will
4. A Box Of Heavy Thoughts
5. Stick Figure
6. Singletree
7. Belted Chair
8. Spoiled<

The problem with a lot of local level bands is that their enthusiasm far outweighs their ability and readiness to be recorded. Denver Colorado's L.S. Diesel is one such example of being a Yugo in a Corvette music world. Judging by this CD, I wouldn't recommend the band to any friends I want to keep or even enemies. Dwelling in the musty cracks between grunge metal and cheesy poppunk land, L.S. Diesel just doesn't have the goods or the ability to deliever. Just take a listen to the very basic guitar tracks or the plain Jane vocals. These guys just aren't compelling enough to keep my attention. Word of advice to budding young bands. Spend some time honing your songwriting skills and work on creating songs that are unique and distinct. Otherwise you'll just get bombarded with reviews from grumpy ol' record reviewers.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/1999

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