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Lucid Dementia - Trickery ©2008 Self Released
1. Pie
2. Ignorance
3. Heathen
4. Lies
5. Fall Apart
6. W3
7. Part
8. Break
9. Deadly Sally
10. WTF
11. Axe
12. Billions for the War
13. Foold

Lucid Dementia strikes me as one of those bands that exist solely to put on a live show and release CDs as an excuse to book gigs. The band claims they're fronted by a six foot tall alien puppet, or something to that effect, and like to dress up in various goth-tinged period clothing while wearing a copious amount of stage makeup. They also incorporate imagery that includes stuffed toys that might be a distant cousin of Stitch, although this is based entirely on a short visit to their website. I do not claim to be an expert on the motivations of this band.

Trickery is a by the numbers industrial/goth tinged metal album that reminds one of a watered down KMFDM with hints of a non-menacing Rammstein. They feature dual vocalists, one from each gender (if you need clued in further than that, you may need to check into remedial health class at your local junior high school). The male singer has a tendency to croon a bit like Nick Holmes from Paradise Lost, which is actually a decent delivery when he approaches the song that way. The female singer is relatively standard, but lacking sass or sizzle. Their songs feature a lot of heavy guitars, light keyboards and the occasional hint that at one point, someone once listened to a Ministry record. But only until it got scary. Trickery has some occasional decent melodies, but much of the music slips past completely unnoticed. It might be a good backdrop to their stage show, but frankly, listening to this CD in my office, there's not a lot of alien puppet action going on to elevate this effort.

Lucid Dementia may indeed be a hoot in a live setting, but Trickery is a fairly middling, unexciting album that doesn't entice me to venture out into the clubs to see them. Perhaps the stage show detracts from their songwriting, or perhaps, like many bands, these guys are typically mediocre. Despite a couple fun tunes ("WTF" is relevant and amusing in our information superhighway era), Trickery is not the kind of thing I'd ever reach for again.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 09/2008

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