Luddite Clone

The Arsonist And The Architect

Luddite Clone - The Arsonist And The Architect ©2000 Relapse
1. Bottom King
2. Circular Template
3. Oratory Of The Jigsaw
4. Arthropod
5. The Contortionist
6. The Arsonist And The Architect

Despite a lineage that suggests deep roots in New Jersey's cutting-edge noisemetal scene, Luddite Clone's The Arsonist and the Architect follows a very safe, well-worn and frankly boring path. In other words, they've got the discordant complexity, but checked the innovation and roguish creativity of their peers at the door.

So, what's innovation anyway, you might counter. Well, Luddite Clone play fast, complex death metal. Have you heard this description before? There's lots of broken sound and screeching whirlwinds of blazing guitar breaks, but it's all wedged in between furious, if fairly unusual death metal riffing. The result is thirteen minutes of unrelenting, bassy, thickly produced and tedious sound. In other words, hours and hours of enjoyment for the advanced guitarist looking to sharpen his teeth on these calculus-based mad-riffs, but of little use for Joe Blow who already has a stack of Suffocation and Deadguy discs.

So there's something missing here. The tough-love appeal of a Drowningman is lost somewhere in the shrapnel of this goddam trainwreck. Technically superb but far too monochromatic death metal has been covered (to DEATH!) by a vast army of early 90s Floridian bands and most of it sucked it then. Luddite Clone are loud and precise and poweful like a possessed lawnmower set on KILL and there's plenty build on. Just do something interesting with it, guys.

Review by Lee Steadham

Review date: 08/2000

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