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Be My God

Lullacry - Be My God ©2001 Spikefarm/Century Media
1. Embrace Me
2. Be My God
3. Without The Dreamer
4. Into Your Heart
5. Trust
6. Pain, Walk With Me
7. I Don't Mind
8. Damn You
9. Bonfires Of Time
10. Thorn Of The Rose
11. Firequeen

Hailing from the climes of Finland and offering another take on that country's burgeoning goth/heavy rock scene, Lullacry's Be My God gives the listener eleven tracks of relatively catchy female fronted heavy rock. Those with healthy record collections might note this band is not terribly far off from the likes of HIM or current Sentenced (but markedly more interesting than the latter band). The difference is that Lullacry offers a kittenish vocalist named Tanya to warble her way through the tracks, rather than rely on a standard baritone singer with aspirations of being Peter Steele. Tanya's singing isn't technically that great and she sounds as though she could also front a No Doubt cover band with ease, but she does throw herself into the songs and sell the melodies well. Moreover, she can offer a sultry set of poses for the album cover that is sure to lure in the hormonally charged young male metal demographic. Meanwhile, the music, while produced in a way to maximize the heaviness of the guitars, is rather upbeat and aims for providing a catchy hook through the riffs and melody. For the most part the band is successful and more than a few songs are going to stick with you. In a way, Lullacry slightly reminds me of how much posterior Doro Pesch might have kicked had she been backed by a band who had more goth rock records in their collection. Be My God is far from original, but it does make for a pleasant diversion from more serious musical pursuits. And it's definitely far better than what Sentenced has been trying to do for several albums now.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 10/2001

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