Luscious Jackson

Fever In, Fever Out

Luscious Jackson - Fever In, Fever Out ©1996 Grand Royale/Capitol
1. Naked Eye
2. Don't Look Back
3. Door Sound
4. Mood Swing
5. Under Your Skin
6. Electric
7. Take A Ride
8. Water Your Garden
9. Soothe Yourself
10. Why Do I Lie?
11. One Thing
12. Parade
13. Faith
14. Stardust

Before you start wondering what the heck this girlie MTV band is doing in a primarily metal/punk site, let me explain myself: "Naked Eye" is a song I've always liked for some strange reason and besides, I found this CD for three bucks. That's better than buying the single. Now that I've listened to the full L.J. product, I can honestly say that "Naked Eye" is easily the highlight of the album...unfortunately it's the opening track so it's all downhill from there. It's not that this band is bad (though I question the usage of the term band...the way they thank producer Daniel Lanois for his contributions to this album makes me think this is truly a PRODUCT in the most capitalistic sense of the word). In fact, the girls can sing, the songs are pretty mellow and grooving, etc etc etc. It's just that by the midpoint of the album I found myself thinking, "Man, am I bored or what?" This is truly the definitive generic pablum that MTV serves...usually one good song surrounded by filler that you can easily do without.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 12/1997

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