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Lush - Spooky ©1992 4AD/Reprise
1. Stray
2. Nothing Natural
3. Tiny Smiles
4. Covert
5. Ocean
6. For Love
7. Superblast!
8. Untogether
9. Fantasy
10. Take
11. Laura
12. Monochrome

Arriving from Britain in the form of a four piece featuring two female vocalists/guitarist and a male rhythm section, Lush provides some of the most alluring and fully enjoyable "dream-pop" of their time. The sound the band presents is a floating atmosphere with light, breezy singing courtesy of Emma Anderson and Miki Berenyi. The guitars are presented as gently strummed, but cloaked in friendly feedback, done in a way that enhances the atmosphere of the songs. The main strength of Lush is that their melodies and covert basslines are instantly infectious. You find yourself gazing at your shoes in somber introspection, yet grooving and happily humming along the entire time. Lush indeed lives up to their name by providing a very honey-glazed sheen to their music, making it a warm, fuzzy sort of pop music at its heart. Spooky is certainly not that, except in irony, as this is a very pleasant and gorgeous listen.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 08/2001

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