Mael Mordha

Gaeltacht Mael Mordha

Mael Mordha - Gaeltacht Mael Mordha ©2007 Grau
1. Atlas Of Sorrow
2. Godless Commune Of Sodom
3. A Window Of Madness
4. Curse Of The Bard
5. The Struggle Eternal
6. Gaeltacht Mael Mordha
7. Minions Of Manannan

What a vomitous pile of garbage. What we have here is a so-called "epic" metal band who thinks that by sounding dramatic and stringing together a series of riffs, they have created masterpieces of triumphant music.

What they have created instead is an entirely monotonous waste of valuable time. Within the first half of the first song (which clocks in at nearly eleven minutes), you have heard every last element Mael Mordha has to offer. The worst offense of this band is their lead vocalist, who has a singing tone that is uncomfortably warbly and faux dramatic. His delivery would make even the staunchest fan of Bal-Sagoth styled drama-metal wince in agony. Occasionally the band thinks it's cute to throw in alternate instrumentation such as flutes, pianos and whatnot, but it's not really done in a way that enhances the lousy songwriting. The music drifts from Candlemass paced doom to speedier moments, but it's not really done with much finesse. In fact, since this band lacks the ability to really come up with powerful music, it's exhausting wading through the hubris.

Utterly abysmal.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/2007

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