Picture of Magellan

Impossible Figures

Magellan - Impossible Figures ©2003 InsideOut Music
1. Gorilla With A Pitchfork
2. Killer Of Hope
3. Bach 16
4. Late For Church
5. Confessor's Overture
6. Hymn For A Beach
7. A World Groove
8. Counterpoints
9. Feel The Cross

Possibly the most defining aspect of Magellan is that, aside from having the same name as a really good GPS unit company, the two members look like they could be your investment bankers. Beyond that, there's not as much to report about Magellan that is exciting and worthy of crying, "Whoop! Whoop!" Having waded through what seems like an endless stream of music from InsideOut Music, it is getting to the point where this stuff just blends together.

Anyhoo, on this disc, Magellan offers the usual mix of keyboards, somewhat heavy guitar, progressive styled melodies and the usual twists and turns that nearly every progressive band employs. Where is the progression? You got me. The band offers songs about wanting to stay home to watch NFL football in "Late to Church", a take on Bach (which is actually nicely performed) and a really blood-curdling attempt to sound ethnic on "A World Groove", which is something that Peter Gabriel might smite. On a whole, the album still comes across as trumped up AOR rock with better chops, but the typical reliance on slick melodies and occasionally catchy choruses to strive for being memorable. And like many of its labelmates, Impossible Figures is just a tolerable record that never quite bothers to engage my full attention.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2004

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