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Cruise Liner

Magstatic - Cruise Liner ©1999 Running Records
1. Boat
2. Key
3. Diddy
4. Cruise Liner
5. Go Fish
6. Simple
7. This Place
8. Heart Attack
9. Question
10. Ride With Me

Okay, so I'm not very versed in this thing called "emo". Last I heard it was the movement started by Rites of Spring way back when. And nowadays little kids run around online in chat rooms calling themselves "EMO_BOY_Sniffles". Meanwhile, I'm rather clueless as to what it is even supposed to be. If Utah's Magstatic is any example, I don't think I'll ever be an emo fan.

The lineage of this band is somewhat interesting, as singer/guitarist Terrance D.H. spent some time in the rather obscure Bad Yodellers. However, considering fifteen years ago, some joker named Karl Alvarez (now with some band called ALL) used to sing for Bad Yodellers, it is interesting. Karl describes Terrance as this thirteen year old kid who used to go to B.Y. shows and get grounded for staying out too late. Nowadays, Terrance is just grounded. His new band Magstatic is simply lacking the fire necessary to be a rock band. Too much of Magstatic's material falls into the chasm of Whiny College Boy rock characterized by tameness. The half-hearted strumming, very safe vocals, mild song arrangements - all this adds up to a CD that is simply a drag. Not once is there a moment where "kicking the posteriors of others via rock" comes into the picture. I've heard folk singers in coffee shops play with more enthusiasm than this. Frankly there's nothing more annoying than listening to such watered down, lackluster pseudo-rock that has no grit whatsoever.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/1999

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