Demo 2000

Mahavatar - Demo 2000 ©2000 Self-Released
1. BH
2. Open Your Minds
3. The Time Has Come
4. The E Song

Mahavatar is a multi-international collaboration of artists featuring musicians from such far flung places as Jamaica, Israel, Poland and the exotic New Jersey. This collection of talents has been put to disc via Demo 2000, a four song entity that shows off what this outfit is already capable of and may be capable of in the future. With a sound that is firmly rooted in metal but incorporates unusual tribal rhythms and occasionally exotic guitar meanderings, Mahavatar is suprisingly diverse for such a young outfit. Vocalist Lizza Hayson has a throaty voice that is also capable of delivering a floating, strong melody. Due to her fixation with long, stringy dreadlocks, some might compare her to Karen Crisis, but Hayson is nowhere near that grating or terrifying. Rather, her voice is entirely pleasant, no matter what form of vocal delivery she takes. Of the four songs, "The Time Has Come" is far and away the most interesting, with a very powerful exotic sound, inventive rhythms and incredible vocal performance. The other songs are a bit more traditionally based and while good, pale in comparison to their neighbor. Nevertheless, this band has more than enough groove, concept and talent to shine in the future. Hopefully they'll indulge themselves with the more peculiar strains of this demo and create some magnificently unusual work.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/2001

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