Abstract Symphony

Majestic - Abstract Symphony ©1999 Massacre Records
1. Golden Sea
2. Losers Shades Of Hell
3. Standing Alone
4. Silence
5. Crimson Sun
6. Ceasefire
7. Black Moon Rising
8. Blood Of The Tail
9. Shadows From Behind
10. Nitro Pitbull
11. Seekers Battlefield
12. Abstract Symphony

This debut disc from Majestic was released with raves and accolades that the new Symphony X was here. I've heard some influence from Symphony X, but this disc is not up to the level of what Symphony X has been putting out lately. I think it is unfortunate for Majestic that they were heralded in such a way. Their CD would have been received with more favor than it was without being measured by the yardstick of Symphony X.

That said, and judging the disc on its own merit, this is a very good progressive metal / progressive rock disc. If I had to look elsewhere for influence that I can hear in the songs, I'd hear elements of Rainbow in the song "Crimson Sun", parts of early Rage on "Nitro Pitbull", and parts of Stratovarius on "Black Moon Rising". The songs cover a very wide range of style from progressive metal to brutal speed metal to mild progressive rock. Many of the songs have multiple elements. With a more mature group, this can work well, but it almost sounds as if the band can't decide which style to settle on so they try to throw everything including the kitchen sink into each song. The end result is a jumble of sound and style that works well in some cases but not in every case. Diversity is a good thing, but consistent diversity defeats itself by its very definition. Talent-wise, there is a lot to offer here. The singer is good with a clean and solid mid-range voice. He stays well within his limits. The musicians are very adept with the different styles they play. I just wish they'd relax and not try to thrown every trick they have into every song they play.

Review by Matthew Braymiller

Review date: 07/2000

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Trinity Overture

Majestic - Trinity Overture ©2000 Massacre Records
1. Entering The Arena
2. Voodoo Treasure
3. The Rapture Of Canaan
4. I'll Shoot The Moon
5. Resurrection
6. Curtain Of Fire
7. The Breath Of Horus
8. Approaching The Storm
9. Confusicus
10. Trinity Overture

With their sophomore release Majestic have come into their own definition of sound and fury. Their first disc was characterized by a lack of uniformity. Trinity Overture has uniformity galore. The disc features keyboard saturated progressive metal that approaches the realms of Blind Guardian, Rhapsody, Edgy and Artension. The achievement on this disc is quite an advance over the directionless debut.

The vocals and song writing shine. The vocal melodies are wonderful and the choruses are big. The sound could be called epic and (ahem) majestic in scope. The first track is a nice little musical introduction to the disc and is followed by the second track which features a blazing keyboard solo by Richard Anderson . . . as does the third track . . . the fourth track . . . the fifth track and so on down to the enormous finale "Trinity Overture". The keys are very dominant on this disc. Fans of keyboard driven music are going to really enjoy this disc. What Rick Wakeman did for progressive rock, Majestic is trying to do for progressive metal. When the guitar steps forth to be heard, it is precise and flawless.

The keys are certainly the focal point of this disc. They rocket along with inhuman speed, comparable to how fast Chris Impellitteri plays his guitar, only with considerably more stamina. If you enjoy keys that blaze, you'll get a kick out of this disc.

While I prefer keys that are a bit more subdued, but I can appreciate the immense talent of the band as it flexes its collective technical muscle on this disc. The disc represents growth for the band. By defining their sound, Majestic take a stand on their considerable strengths.

Review by Matthew Braymiller

Review date: 10/2000

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