Malory - Outerbeats ©2002 Clairecords
1. Lake Of Doubts (Maladon Remix)
2. Xirius Polar Station
3. The Choice You Have
4. Falling Shine
5. Deja Vu
6. Painted Dreams
7. I Can't Stand
8. Wasted
9. Space In Your Mind
10. Argo Night Shuttle
11. Three Elements (watamu Remix)

Now on their second release, Germany's Malory certainly makes a nice first impression with Outerbeats. The dreampop outfit captures a sound that mixes up the shoegazer style of Slowdive (the infamous keystone of the subgenre) with some of the lush, haunting backdrop of Love Spirals Downwards. Outerbeat creates a mood that lingers, floats and entrances the listener, using a variety of guitar techniques (which is where the Slowdive influence is most noted) and quiet keyboard washes and flows. The male-female vocal harmonies of Malory also create another dreamy, tranquil effect. The production allows for a great deal of echo and resonance. Considering the space and expanse this sort of music requires, it helps elevate the mood in a major way. Outerbeats is the type of album that is meant to be listened to with headphones, a good surround sound system and your eyes firmly closed so you can float along with the feel of the music. Out of all the Slowdive-esque bands I've been discovering lately, this is one of the more enjoyable.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/2002

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