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Mandatory Suicide - Demo-Niac ©1998 Demo
1. Under A Reign Of Lies
2. When Death Tolls
3. F.O.B. (First Official Ballad)
4. Punk I.D.
5. House Of Destruction
6. Over-control
7. World War III

Apparently wormholes do exist in the fabric of time and space. Mandatory Suicide, a Dutch band with a couple demos under their belt, are living proof of this. Their music sounds as though it should have existed in 1988 or so as no influence of anything since then exists within their style. As one may suspect from their band name, there is a definite Slayer influence, as well as a healthy dose of Bay Area Thrash. Their riffing is so 1988 that I'm still amazed they are in existence now and not then. All the standard elements of old school thrash are in abundance here, from the solos to song structures to gang background shouting and even the whole thrash ballad phenomenom. The lead vocals are throaty but not death metal styled. On a whole, Mandatory Suicide performs this style with ease and honestly could have been a successful second tier band of the thrash scene in the 80s. I'm curious how they might coexist in 2001 with metal having changed so incredibly much over the past fifteen years or so. Nevertheless, dedicated fans of such nostalgia may want to contact this band in order to have a trip down deja-vu lane.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 08/2001

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