The Mandrake

Dying Sentiment

The Mandrake - Dying Sentiment ©2001 Self-Released
1. Summon The Krakken
2. Circles Of Fire
3. Night Of Day
4. Here To Eternity
5. Malevolent Garden
6. Outro Terminar

Mandrake is one of the rare examples of a band still at the demo level who are flat out better than an overwhelming majority of signed bands. If given a choice between recent catalogue items from, say, Nuclear Blast or Mandrake, I'll take Mandrake any day.

Dying Sentiment, recorded I believe in 2001, is an outstanding six song demo effort that efficiently captures the many facets of this band. The nutshell report on Mandrake is that they're a blackened thrash band with traces of doom metal. However, that only scratches the surface. Throughout the course of these six songs, you can hear the many influences Mandrake has incorporated into their sound, none of which are used in a derivative manner. My own wax-filled ears catch occasional old school Destruction riffing mixed with a modern, black metal approach. The keyboards on Dying Sentiment are used in a very tasteful, intelligent manner, creating a great deal of texture and undercurrent without exacting the rage of the Symphonic Black Metal Demons who like to bury bands in synthesized molasses. Some of the leads in the slower portions of the CD have the melodic Swedish Death Metal sound, but again without being derivative like so many In Flames clones. Even more interesting are some of the percussive additions that lurk in the background.

Mandrake is currently signed to Crash Music and are due to release a full length CD. With any luck, the momentum created by Dying Sentiment will carry over and begin capturing the attention of fans worldwide.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/2004

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