Guy Mann-Dude

Sleight Of Hand

Guy Mann-Dude - Sleight Of Hand ©1989 MCA
1. On The Verge
2. Riff Rock'n Rebel
3. Shredd'n It Down
4. Paint It Black
5. The Clincher
6. Guitar Solo; Sleight Of Hand
7. Pedal To The Metal
8. Clusterphuck
9. Beware The Stalker
10. Legend Of The Loch Ness
11. Janis, Still Hear Your Cry...
12. Sleight Of Hand

On a rating scale of 1 to 10 of 80's Metal Cheese Factor, guitar "god" (as in oh-my-gawd!) Guy Mann-Dude rates an eight, simply on basis of his stage name alone. Check that, he gets a seven for the name and an extra point for the super hilarious poses with his axe on the sleeve. For those who are in the unaware, Mann-Dude was a hopeful for stakes in the Joe Satriani wanna-be parade of the late 80's. While quite talented, but not overwhelmingly so, Mann-Dude doesn't quite ignite the fretboard like we would hope and basically disappeared into obscurity (though he did release a second album that is truly impossible to find). Mr. Mann-Dude probably would have fared better in a traditional band line-up, rather than try his hand at these compositions. Given the right band, he may have had a career in front of him. Regardless, if you can find this album cheap enough, it is worth it for the aforementioned Cheese Factor and the ripping cover of "Paint It Black".

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 11/1998

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