Maximum Indifference

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The Transmutations Of Supposed Angels Or Beings That Were Once Girls

Maximum Indifference - The Transmutations Of Supposed Angels Or Beings That Were Once Girls ©2000 Botched Records
1. Beware The Glabyglop
2. Kuang Grade Mark Eleven Penetration Program
3. Jack Palance The Ninja
4. Wedge Of Spite
5. Aura And Armament
6. Swynchro
7. And Your Point Is?
8. Client Weasel Tactics
9. Sleep Hammer
10. Bad Mind Does Does Not
11. Halation
12. Apparatus

I bought this disc on a whim, finding the title to catch my interest. It has not left my CD player since getting it home. I taped it and that cassette has not left the player in my truck since I stuck it in. What a tremendously engrossing disc this is. Buy it after you read this review. If you buy it now and listen to it before you read the rest of this review, then you’ll never come back and read the rest . . . you’ll be too busy listening to this disc.

First, the disc is an instrumental work. While there are vocals, they are used as background sound effects for the most part. There are bits of chanting here, bits of narration there. The rest is pure music. What floors me is that there are only three players here. The disc sounds like twice that many are participating. I think this is largely due to the tremendous talent of the band. The bass playing is out of this world. The drumming sounds like Rich Duarte, the drummer, has read every rhythm line Neal Peart from Rush has ever laid down. Between the two of them, you have rhythm that many metal bands would die for. The rhythm alone is reason enough to buy this disc. The rhythm, however, is not at all alone on this disc. The layers of sound and melody laid over the top are aggressive, intricate and passionate. There is so much music going on that you’ll be hard pressed at times to keep up with it all. The nearest “sounds like” comparison I can come up with is Rush, but Rush to the tenth power, Rush on a caffeine high, Rush from the early 80's and then some. The expressiveness of this music is amazing. It is not at all antiseptic and cold, but very warm and welcoming. The technicality of it doesn’t put you off as you listen, but serves to draw you deeper and deeper until you are wholly engrossed in the tapestry of sound these guys weave.

This is power prog in every sense. Heavy metal riffs with real depth and lots of meat. There is no tasteless broth here. Every note is rich, thick and satisfying. There is atmosphere galore with Pink Floyd tones intermingling with Rush enthusiasm and Vanden Plas crunch. The band works as a unit to produce an enormous sound. The last two tracks really one track weighing in at twenty three minute of sheer abandon. The band charges forward, changes mood and direction on a dime, hands you nine cents change and is off again, all in the blink of any eye. The complexity of the music approaches the recent work of Spiral Architect or Zerohour. It has power and more power. This is very heavy, very sensitive, very progressive metal. The bottom line is that it is very wonderful. This is a stunning disc. I only hope we don’t have to wait four years for the next one.

Review by Matthew Braymiller

Review date: 04/2001

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