MDFMK - MDFMK ©2000 Republic/Universal
1. Now
2. Rabble Rouser
3. Get Out Of My Head
4. Gasoline
5. Torpedoes
6. Stare At The Sun
7. Be Like Me
8. Transmutation
9. ©ontrol¿
10. Hydroelectric
11. Witch Hunt

Sascha Konietzko, it would seem, felt that it was time for a change, that the old firebird KMFDM, which had been treading stale water for years now, was finally going to kick the bucket. Rising from the ashes only weeks after KMFDM's fall, Sascha's "new" band MDFMK trades in the previous band's dance-club industrial for a more aggressive, metallic assault and battery. Not surprisingly, Sascha's music hasn't sounded this fresh in a long, long time.

MDFMK is electro-industrial metal, not the other way around, and its fast-paced, adrenaline-laden sound may estrange some in the rivet-head clique. Yet MDFMK's seemingly superficial music hides a wealth of minutiae. The usage of electronics is rich and subtle; the nuances here are shrouded by uncomplicated guitar riffs and urgent, uncompromising lyrics, niceties that come to light only after many listens. To illustrate, pay heed to the trancelike intro to "Stare at the Sun" and the more ambient song "©ontrol¿".

Tim Skold and Lucia Cifarelli, respectively, provide the male and female vocals, which are sometimes distorted, sometimes spoken, sometimes yelled, and sometimes sung. Best tracks include "Stare at the Sun", with its fine synths and moving chorus, and the heavier, almost anthemic "Witch Hunt". However, nearly all the songs are catchy and consistently superb, making MDFMK's self-titled release one of my favorite albums of the year.

Review by Jeffrey Shyu

Review date: 08/2000

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