The Devil And The Whore

Megiddo - The Devil And The Whore ©2000 Barbarian Wrath
1. The Devil And The Whore
2. Blackened
3. The Oath
4. Slaying The Nazarene
5. The Heretic
6. Blackened (The Circle Complete)
7. Across The Shores.../Four Suns
8. Violence And Force
9. Take This Torch
10. Outro

As a Norwegian, it's particularly embarrassing to see how many people focus only on our black metal scene, and all but ignore black metal from any other countries. While there are certainly still a few good bands in our underground, it's safe to say that this country isn't the hotbed of killer black metal as it once was, but the genre is still alive and kicking as well as ever in other parts of the world.

Megiddo is a killer black metal band from that least obvious of places, namely home of cult mounties and mystical moose: Canada! As with most bands on Barbarian Wrath Records, Megiddo is a group that doesn't forget to leave in a huge, riffy slab of actual metal! None of the grindy Transilvanian Hunger blasting, but more of the exhilarating huge riffs that metal bands were always on the lookout for in the olden days. Ultra catchy, simple chord sequences dripping of malevolence, some of the greatest vocals around in recent years, and a wholly epic vibe, without any help of cheesy keyboards or misguided operatic vocals, Megiddo definitely know what they're doing. The band also got a live drummer for this album, and a production that's suitably raw, yet powerful. Those of you who are afraid of anything sounding like it was recorded in the mid-80s, or who want to be dazzled by amazing musicianship, might however want to steer clear.

If you're one of those who feel black metal just hasn't been much of a big deal lately, or who've at least aimed your ears to countries like France and Poland, I think you'll do yourself a great favor in checking out the raw, yet fascinating rock'n'rolling black metal of Megiddo. Particular standouts are the amazing, esoteric "The Oath", and the rocking "The Heretic". The ten-minute "Across the shores.../Four suns" ends The Devil And The Whore, which has become one of my favorite black metal albums in recent years in a suitably hypnotizing manner. To round out the album they throw in covers of Exciter and Razor, which both fit the album surprisingly well.

You can easily find out for yourself if this is something for you, as on Barbarian Wrath's homepage you can download several full songs, and, of course, order this fine album.

Review by Řystein H-O

Review date: 04/2003

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