Memory Garden

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Verdict Of Posterity

Memory Garden - Verdict Of Posterity ©1999 Metal Blade
1. Carved In Stone
2. Awkward Tale
3. Shadow Season
4. Tragic Kingdom
5. The Sum Of All Fear
6. Split Image
7. Outward Passage
8. Wasteland Foretold
9. Amen

On the plus side, Memory Garden has a thick, heavy sound that borrows a bit of influence from various sources--power metal, 90's heaviness, classic metal. On the negative side, the overly cliched and overblown metal vocals bring it right back down to a level of mediocrity. Quite frankly the biggest problem with too many metal bands is that they insist upon using a warbling vocalist who must demonstrate how many notes he can carry. Oftentimes they take things right into the melodramatic excesses that have characterized metal for ages. Granted, there are fans who don't mind this one iota and for them, Memory Garden is something worth investigating. However, if you have no tolerance for metal being overtly "metal", pass this one up.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 01/1999

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