God Bless Satan

Mephiskapheles - God Bless Satan ©1994 Moon Ska Records
1. Mephiskapheles
2. Satanic Debris
3. Bad John
4. Centre Of The...
5. Hard Times
6. Doomsday
7. Rank & File
8. Eskamoes
9. Saba
10. The Ballad Of Admiral Stockdale
11. Danse Me Not
12. Finnigan Froth
13. The Bumble Bee Tuna Song

It was bound to happen. Satanic ska may not be the most prevalent of musical styles, but darn it if it shouldn't be. Granted, Mephiskapheles have firmly planted their collective forked tongues in cheek, but they are a more than competent ska band with a handfull of pretty darned good songs. Generally their ska is a bit slower paced than a lot of the punk-ska types with a generous supply of horns. Their sense of melody and catchiness is firmly intact, especially in the sock-hoppin' "Rank & File" or the apocalyptic "Doomsday". Moreover, you know there is humor at work with a song title such as "The Ballad of Admiral Stockdale", an instrumental paying homage to Ross Perot's bizarre 1992 choice for a running mate in the presidential election. As with a lot of ska albums, the fun starts to wear a bit thin by album's end and Mephiskapheles run into that problem. However, the general good feel, hilarious imagery of evilness, and overall catchiness of a lot of these songs make God Bless Satan a pretty good time.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 01/2000

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