Meta Section

Meta Section

Meta Section - Meta Section ©1999 P-Nut Records
1. Pay Attention
2. . . . Of Her Heart
3. Digging Deep
4. Embody
5. Running, But Where?

This CD is currently (as of this writing on October 18th, 2000) available in its totality from the music in progress web site. The site's URL (was): for those who might be interested in giving it a listen. Be certain you carefully read the site's front page before you go haring off to merrily download the mp3 files.

Now that you know where to find it, what can you expect? In short, some very classy, lushly darkish progressive metal with female lead vocals. Fans of Aghora will be drawn to this band immediately. The similarities are very obvious. The songs are all nice and long, the shortest being the five minute "Digging Deep". The grand twenty-three minute epic "Running, But Where" really shows the band leader's compositional skills. Layne Lowery really knows his stuff and his music is very expressive. There is some great song writing here brought off with style in the playing. The music is very involved, darkly atmospheric and is complemented wonderfully by the singer's at times eerie voice. Their next disc is going to be based on Orson Scott Card's novel, "Ender's Game". Card is working with the band to make the project a success, and I look forward to the release, being a fan of both Card's writing, and progressive metal at large. Combine the two likes, and the disc will be a winner, I'm betting.

Since the disc is available online at no cost other than your time for downloading the files, you can't lose by giving it a listen. Innovation in music is such a rare thing and is always pleasantly surprising when you stumble on it. Meta Section offers a fresh approach to metal that is worthy of your attention.

Review by Matthew Braymiller

Review date: 10/2000

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