Mezarkabul - Unspoken ©2001 Noise
1. We Come From Nowhere
2. In Esir Like An Eagle
3. Unspoken
4. Lions In A Cage
5. Mezarkabul
6. Take My Time
7. Pain
8. Puratu
9. For The One Unchanging
10. This Too Will Pass
11. For Those Who Died Alone

Mezarkabul is a heavy metal band from Turkey, formerly known internationally as Pentagram (they changed to Mezarkabul because of copyright issues and remain known as Pentagram in Turkey). This is their first album on a major label, although not their debut, as their recording history dates back to 1990.

The music is rather traditional but excellent post-NWOBHM metal, with present but relatively understated Middle-Eastern touches. The singer has a very classic midrangey metal voice. The band's influences are fairly evident: a lot of the riffs and much of the soloing would be at home on Metallica's Black Album or Bruce Dickinson's recent solo albums, and the keyboards are very reminiscent of Dream Theater's more atmospheric keyboard sections ("Take My Time"). The songs are melodic and keep the bombast to a minimum. Long instrumental breaks bring variety to fairly standard song structures.

Barring the embarrassing Eurovision-y chorus of "This Too Will Pass", the songwriting is consistently strong and Unspoken is more than able to hold the interest of even the most jaded of listeners.

Review by Rog The Frog Billerey-Mosier

Review date: 12/2001

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