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Mi6 - Alcoholiday ©2000 SumpPump Records
1. How's It Hang'n
2. Lezbian Girlfriends
3. Stupid Little Things
4. Jabberjaw
5. Jeff Brown
6. Rx7
7. Gone
8. Hooligan Run
9. Heard It All
10. Bangkok
11. 6th Grade Crush
12. The Postman Always Shoots Twice
13. Alcoholiday
14. Mojo
15. Goodbye
16. My Lizzard Had A Keg Party
17. Flied Lice
18. Jackie Chan's Army
19. Loudmouth
20. Breakup
21. Scotchguard
22. Jessica's Bald
23. Another Day
24. Cockroach

Cloning has spread from sheep to punk rock musicians. Apparently someone got ahold of Fat Mike's DNA and created an exact clone of him out in Kansas. Perhaps the experiment was botched a little, as this mini-Mike plays guitar rather than bass, but darn it if his vocals are exactly like Fat Mike's. You could probably fool quite a few people into thinking Mi6's Alcoholiday is the new NoFX record. That's how precise Kenny Peterson aims his vocals with Mi6. Living in Kansas may breed severe feelings of inadequacy to cause a band to form their identity to be almost exactly like their obvious musical heroes. And the result is a nearly hour long CD (which includes five songs from a 1998 EP tacked on at the end) that is filled with far too many soundalike songs and more NoFX than NoFX themselves could dish out. Songs have appropriately dumbed down content from "Lezbian Girlfriends" to "My Lizzard Had a Keg Party". Sure, the four guys of Mi6 can play their instruments fairly well, but rely on tried and true pop punk standard formulas, resulting in pretty much consistently carbon copied material from song to song. More than anything, this reliance on NoFX's sound is pretty disturbing. Having such an utter lack of identity is not going to do Mi6 any good down the line. The world already has one NoFX who has been repeating themselves for a decade. Do we really need another band covering their back in the midwest?

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 10/2000

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