Midway Still

Fuck You [Single]

Midway Still - Fuck You Single ©2000 Antipop Records
1. Fuck You
2. Since You've Been Gone
3. Counting Days (bongo Version)
4. Fuck You (jazz Version)

Yeah, and Fuck You for sending me this promo. Featuring precisely four songs that last just over four minutes, Midway Still consumes little time proving that they're not much of a punk band but show they're much better off doing un-punk stuff on "Counting Days (Bongo Version)" and the jazz version of the title track. The first two tracks are basic punk with simplistic chords and childish ranting, as well as a plain-jane punky version of Rainbow's "Since You've Been Gone" that entirely prove this band is just as generic as any other band you care to mention playing snotty pop punk. The other two tracks are neo-prog rock with artsy pretensions, but at least it proves this band has a little bit of talent. Now someone just needs to force them to listen to Emerson, Lake & Palmer, early Genesis, Yes and Kansas records so they won't ever try to be just another boring punk band because the world is already full of those.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/2001

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