The Milwaukees

The Bland Comfort Of Life With Lloyd Justin

The Milwaukees - The Bland Comfort Of Life With Lloyd Justin ©2000 Twenty Four Seven Records
1. Planes Above Us
2. Blue Jay Way
3. Patriot Song
4. Sea Of Neptuen
5. Connected
6. Lloyd Justin

No, this isn't a geographic tribute by a bunch of cheeseheads. Rather, The Milwaukees are a New Jersey based band who ply the wares of an emo-esque post punk style that is partially rooted in old guitar modern rock from the late 80s. This six song EP is in fact their third release, following up a couple full lengths. The result is a fairly palatable effort that shows the band has the ability to play music that, while familiar, isn't entirely derivative.

The band moves through various moods and degrees of intensity, often within the same song. The guitars have that shredded guitar speaker sound that harkens back to certain J. Mascis or Bob Mould as well. The Milwaukees do a good job of creating decent texture with their guitarwork and keep the music from becoming predictable, bland three chord punk rock. Vocalist/guitarist Dylan Clark has a voice with a limited range, but he delivers with a solid intensity that convinces the listener that, at the very least, he means what he's singing about. The Bland Comfort of Life With Lloyd Justin may not immediately jump out at you, but it is the kind of record that grows on you with each listen. This EP should be of interest to anyone into the aforementioned post-punk or emo-with-teeth type of guitar rock.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 01/2001

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