Mind Odyssey

Nailed To The Shade

Mind Odyssey - Nailed To The Shade ©1998 B-Mind Records
1. Overture - Ascending To Heaven
2. Nailed To The Shade
3. In The Dark
4. Gone
5. No Religion
6. Apollo 13
7. Confide In You
8. Not With Me
9. Memories

Hailing from Germany, Mind Odyssey is a power metal band that . . . no, wait, they are a melodic power metal band that . . . oh, wait, this is the THIRD CD, isn't it? Ok, so this time around they are a melodic power progressive metal band. Anyway, they're from Germany.

The first two discs from Mind Odyssey were not a lot different from other power metal bands. Schizophrenia was an improvement over their debut. Nailed to the Shade is an enormous improvement over their second.

Mind Odyssey took their power metal sound, which was competent, and added a healthy dose of progressive elements to the composition. They stepped up the complexity of the music, gave the keys a more significant role and mixed up the vocal melodies. The result is a very satisfying disc. With this CD, they head toward the ground broken by bands like Vanden Plas and Ivory Tower. They certainly don't break any new ground in the arena of power prog, but they have finally found a sound with which they are obviously comfortable. The music on this CD doesn't sound as forced as on previous discs. The changes in tempo and mood are well done. The emotion and intensity of the singing is very well done. The singer can be very aggressive when need be, and subtle when the tone of the song calls for it.

The variety of music on the disc is very interesting. Some of the songs allow the bassist to step to the fore and strut his stuff. Other let the guitarist show you his pyrotechnics. The keys and drums are right along with the rest of the mix. The band manages to be larger than the sum of their parts and they move and mesh very well. The track "No Religion" is one of the swingy driving songs that really shows the talent of the band.

Fans of Vanden Plas, Ivory Tower, and other power prog bands ought to look this disc up. It makes a great addition to the genre. There are a lot of power prog bands, but not many that do it this well.

Review by Matthew Braymiller

Review date: 02/2001

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