Mindrot - Soul ©1998 Relapse
1. Dissipation
2. Nothing
3. Suffer Alone
4. Incandescence
5. Cold Skin
6. In Silence
7. Clemency
8. Despair

Fence sitting is a very tangible no-no when it comes to hard-edged music. Wanting to play stylistically diverse music deserves much applause (go for it, peanut gallery), but you have to be able to pull it off without causing great chasms in your music. Mindrot is perched right up there on the ol' fence, one side firmly rooted in crust/grindcore/harsh metal with the other foot dangling over depressed gothica. Throughout this ambitious album, Mindrot is either screaming in venomous anger like they do in "Cold Skin" or pout through Field of the Nephilim tinged goth rockers like "Incandescence" (which is by far my favorite song here). Unfortunately, the two don't mix overly well and all the listener gets is the stark contrast of styles rather than a well-executed melding that flows smoothly. Granted, while most will probably prefer the harsh crunch of their all-out assault, I personally dug the cleanly sung and more atmospheric parts. Hopefully down the line Mindrot will hop off their fence and find ground in one style or the other.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/1998

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