Mind's Eye

Into The Unknown

Mind's Eye - Into The Unknown ©1998 Sensory
1. The Other Side Of Me
2. In Chase Of Time
3. Almost There
4. Wishes In The Wind
5. Questions
6. Am I Waiting?
7. Light Waves
8. Without The Sun

I believe Into The Unknown represents the debut from Mind's Eye, but I may be mistaken in their history. I know there was a demo tape released before this CD and that this CD contains those songs. We'll call it a demo disc to allow for some of the shortcomings on it. Everything I have read about their latest release, Waiting For The Tide, seems to indicate that the band found the cohesive ability missing on this disc.

Mind's Eye are a somewhat laid back progressive metal unit from Sweden. They are very similar in sound and technicality to Enchant, drawing heavily on Yes and Rush. The songs on this CD are long and involved giving the band a chance to flex their collective talent. The play is complex and there is a lot of attention paid to the details of the music.

Several of the songs give the impression of being loose jam sessions with them fitting vocal tracks laid down on top of them. The resulting sound is a lot looser than what you'll normally find in progressive metal. It may put off those who like a harder edge to their music. Those who like abstraction and the equivalent of musical impressionism will enjoy what Mind's Eye have to offer on this and their newer CD.

Review by Matthew Braymiller

Review date: 09/2000

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