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Minushuman - Bloodthrone ©2011 Season of Mist
1. The Architect
2. The Size Of An Ocean
3. Evolve
4. The Day We Died
5. Forgotten Fields
6. Three Mile Island
7. Godspeed
8. Another All
9. Bloodthrone
10. Kill Me

Sometimes nepotism has some worthwhile benefits in life. Minushuman, a French band who evolved from another band called Dark Poetry (whose name sounds like they should be some Projekt Records cast off rather than a metal band), would be yet another band releasing yet another album into the saturated world of heavy metal, but one of the members of the band happens to be the brother of a certain contributer to this website. This certain contributer, who shall not be named (cough*Rog*cough), pestered me for weeks to check out Bloodthrone, promising it to be a worthy listen. And thanks to the wonders of Spotify, I was able to give this album a precursory listen at work and discovered that hey, this is a pretty nifty new release!

Minushuman sounds like they've been ingesting a steady diet of heavy metal in all forms over the past couple of decades. While Bloodthrone doesn't immediately sound too much like any single influence, you can tell these guys have undoubtedly played records from various classic death metal to more modern atmospheric type of bands. The only band I'd even venture to offer a comparison to would be Brave Murder Day Katatonia, and only because the songwriting tends to stick to relatively simple, yet highly memorable, progressions as well as capturing an album long vibe. The singing is almost all gruffly delivered, perhaps even with the occasional scowl and for sure a grimace. Possibly one of the best aspects of Minushuman is that although the musicians keep themselves busy with subtle intricate parts, they avoid the trap of being technically awesome and entirely boring.

Despite the constant nagging of a certain contributer to this website, I gave Bloodthrone a listen without too many inflated expectations. Minushuman more than delivered a very, very good album that demands multiple listens. The metal world is producing far more bands than anyone actually needs to hear, so it's very rewarding to come across an album that actually does stand out. And considering how easy it is to go find a few tracks online for a preview, there's really no excuse to not check this out. You may also find yourself very pleasantly surprised by Bloodthrone.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 09/2011

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