Moon Of Steel

Beyond The Edges

Moon Of Steel - Beyond The Edges ©1999 Adrenaline Records
1. Did You Hear That Voice?
2. We're Nothing
3. You Not Me
4. Tonight

From a band that has been around for over 15 years, you'd expect more than a four-track release especially when one of those tracks is a cover of a Dream Theater song ("You Not Me"), and another is an acoustic version of a song from their Passions album ("Tonight"). The two new songs represent a change for the band into a more progressive metal orientation, but they are not enough of a sample to get a feel for where the group is going. The vocals supplied by Sarah Bonetti are sung with feeling. While I've heard them described as weak, I think they are just fine. Her singing style relies more on her ability to emote than on her ability to belt it out with a great deal of power. The guitar work is good, and the music is quite atmospheric and enjoyable. Sadly there is just not enough of it. Releasing a disc with only two new songs is going to turn off those who have listened to the band in the past, and it won't appeal to many fans of progressive metal who are seeking new bands to listen to either. Compound the number of songs with their lack of length, and you have way too little music for the money. Added to that is that the best two songs on the CD are the cover and the new version of their old song, and the disc falls woefully short of any merit. Your progressive metal dollar is well spent elsewhere. This disc doesn't measure up. If you absolutely have to hear Moon of Steel, you can find their cover of "You Not Me" on the Dream Theater tribute disc Voices where you'll get two discs worth of music and fully half of the good songs on this little disc.

Review by Matthew Braymiller

Review date: 09/2000

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