Scott Mosher


Scott Mosher - Virtuality ©2001 The Ambient Mind
1. Upon The Frontiers Of Infinite Night
2. Virtuality
3. The Human Machine
4. A Season Of Fire
5. Attilion Sunrise
6. Redefine
7. The Dreaming Eye
8. Sometime After Midnight
9. The Promise Of Truth
10. Shores Of A Cosmic Dream
11. Infinity Burns
12. Sorrow In A World Of Darkness

Scott Mosher is one of those modern self-made renaissance men. Not only is he a musician, but he does graphic design, website services and runs a small record label. With all that going on, it's a wonder he has time write and record his own music. But apparently he does set aside a few hours a day for that and the result is Virtuality, a fusion of progressive metal tendencies and an ambient backdrop. Mosher utilizes a very heavy array of synthesizer and ambient sounds, being very generous in their inclusion. The result sounds like a cross between Ayreon's furturistic, sci-fi metal and Anubian Lights (a Hawkwind ambient side project, for those not in the know) with Jean-Michel Jarre hints occasionally peeking in the door. As the lavish booklet and mood aptly demonstrate, there definitely are definitely futuristic leanings and moods throughout the CD. Virtuality does contain similar elements as labelmates F5 (whom Mosher has helped along the way), but is more calming and tranquil than F5. Mosher's singing is fairly plain, but doesn't detract from the music at all. The one issue I have with Virtuality that it tends to be just a tad too much to absorb in a single sitting. The length of the album is a bit more than what might be beneficial to most listeners. But other than being overlong, the album is enjoyable and recommended for those who like to listen to both melodic metal and ambient music.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2002

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