Mr. T Experience

Everyone's Entitled To Their Own Opinion

Mr. T Experience - Everyone's Entitled To Their Own Opinion ©1986 Lookout!
1. One Big Lie
2. Just Your Way Of Saying No
3. Marine Recruiter
4. Sheep
5. Surfin' Mozart
6. Danny Partridge
7. Scientific
8. Disconnection
9. Surfin' Cows
10. I'm In Love With Paula Pierce
11. Big Mistake
12. Pleasant Valley Sunday
13. Mary Mary
14. The Empty Experience

The Mr. T Experience's (or MTX, as the fans call them) debut album, while being a pretty decent record, only hints at the excellent music that makes up the majority of their catalog. In 1986, they were still basically a generic punk band with slight garage-rock and power-pop leanings. None of this stuff is bad, really, but most of it just kinda goes in one ear and out the other. There are some songs that rank up there with the best MTX material, articularly "Disconnection" and "Danny Partridge", but it's obvious Dr. Frank was not yet the Catchy Pop-punk Songwriting MachineTM he would become in just a few years time. In fact, my favorite songs on this record are the ones written by guitarist Jon Von, as he brought with him an aggressive garage rock slant that would be all but gone from MTX's music once he left the band.

All in all, this record will probably be somewhat enjoyable to longtime fans, but any newcomers to the band should skip this one and go directly to Love Is Dead.

Review by Mark Pennington

Review date: 10/2003

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