Mr. Muggy

Another Muggy Day

Mr. Muggy - Another Muggy Day ©1998 Holly
1. Alongside The Road
2. No More
3. Lost
4. Take It Slow
5. Gone
6. Bad Friend
7. Hippie
8. Still Here Waiting
9. Prayer

Coming across as a heavy coffeehouse acoustic rock band with touches of Sap-era Alice in Chains and vocalist who reminds me of Stanley from Life, Sex & Death (remember them?), Mr. Muggy is actually a quite enjoyable romp through a musical style I generally don't explore too often. Thankfully, Mr. Muggy avoids much of the trappings that would befall a lesser outfit. While having a hippie record cover motif and even a song about hippies (mysteriously entitled "Hippie"), the music doesn't lower itself to safe, sterile middle class white folk boredom that it easily could. Rather, the Muggsters sprinkle a good chunk of honest emotion and enough distortion to satisfy a rock fan. There are slower, folk-ish songs on the album, such as "Take it Slow" or "Still Here Waiting", but - especially on the latter - they are lush and full realizations of the songs. The singer Muggz is very capable of expressing himself rather emotionally without becoming patronizing and it shows throughout the disc. Another Muggy Day is a nice change of pace from much of the doom/death metal circulating in my player these days. If you've ever truly enjoyed Alice in Chains doing their acoustic thing or have an interest in heavy coffeehouse rock, Mr. Muggy is well worth checking out.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/1999

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