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Munly - Blurry ©1996 Top Notch
1. Virgin Of Manhattan
2. Hang On With Eskimos
3. Babtists And Barbituates
4. Tonto
5. Too Fat To Walk
6. Kidneys Running Dry
7. Once Again
8. Stupid Is Forever
9. Heater
10. No Dead Fuel
11. Karp

I saw this rather odd skinny Irish kid (with no sense of timing, as he claims) open up with just his guitar for Bob Mould last fall in Boulder, Colorado. And he was the most entertaining, funny singer I've seen in a long time. Normally I don't go for the "Just a man with his guitar" act, but Munly does it well and as a result, I paid the man twelve bucks for this CD. The CD actually adds a little more instrumentation and still retains the wackiness of his show. He's got a thin, high voice that is wavering, but it works with the music well. For something that is quite out of my genre, this is really good. And besides, he makes fun of the state of Utah ("'cause no one lives in Utah")

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 01/1997

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