My Name


My Name - Megacrush ©1992 C/Z Records
1. Megacrush
2. Pragmatic Mouth
3. Motor Ready
4. Interlude #1
5. A Woman's Touch
6. Token Protest
7. Skerik
8. Dear Percy Ross
9. Assorted Sordidness
10. Robb's Falling Bass
11. Interlude #2
12. Carrots
13. Famegator
14. Megacrush (slight Return)

Based on the fact that I like the current project (Wretch Like Me) of singer Abe Brennan and guitarist Trevor Lanigan as well as Trevor's stint in Scott Reynold's Goodbye Harry, plus a recommendation from ALL bassist Karl Alvarez, I finally picked up My Name. I was actually quite surprised with the music presented here. Rather than walk the tried and true path so many punk bands do today, My Name instead mixes in quite a bit of musical experimentation and off-kilter song patterns. The rhythm section of Robb Williamson (bass) and Dave Gleza (drums) is extremely adept. Robb's bass playing is on par with some of the top bassists around, as evidenced on the pulsating intro to "Token Protest" or the slapping of "Robb's Falling Bass". In fact, the oddball approach is actually a bit in line with Mind Over Four, only lacking the grating edge that Mind had. "Interlude #2" goes from a strange acoustic scat bit to an approach ALL was using around Allroy Saves. Meanwhile, the ethereal ambience and freakazoid saxophone on "Skerik" just add more depth to an already interesting album. Besides, the title track will probably remind you of the crush you had on a cousin at one point or another in your life.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 10/1998

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