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Naked Sun - Wonderdrug ©1994 Omni
1. Shriek Of The Weak
2. Smile, Mother (your Baby's Gonna Be A Failure)
3. Recant
4. Creation Theory
5. Memory Of An Expensive Festival
6. Fallen In Hate (live At Chez Stadium)
7. The Nightmare Song: Blood And Fake Blood
8. Thorazine Turkey Burger

One of the lesser known gems who suffered the cruel hands of fate due to the mismanagement of Noise Int at the beginning of the 90's, Naked Sun's take on prog rock, metal, and plain originality is still a refreshing change of pace today. Naked Sun's second effort demonstrated a slightly revamped band, with a new guitar player and keyboards done by a session musician. So naturally there is a heavier element to the music, almost a slight grunge influence (but nicely warped into the Naked Sun manifesto). But overall this album is catchy as all get out and very enjoyable. Singer Max Vanderwolf's high register voice is a bit odd, but works so well with the music. Tracks like "Creation Theory" and "Memory of an Expensive Festival" are fun and engaging. The music displays so much depth and expression. If you have any inclination towards prog rock (without the pompous nature that so many bands have), you should look for this somewhat hard to find disc in the cheap-o bins at your used CD store.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 06/1998

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