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Narnia - Awakening ©1998 Nuclear Blast
1. Break The Chains
2. No More Shadows From The Past
3. Return Of Aslan
4. Heavenly Love
5. Time Of Changes
6. The Awakening
7. Touch From You
8. Sign Of The Time

The difference between a black metal band with ridiculously overbearing Satanic lyrics and a christian metal band such as Narnia who have overbearing lyrics is that you can hardly understand the black metal vocals. Since Narnia has more in common with 80's prog metal such as Heir Apparent, a touch of Helloween power metal or even prime Dokken, you aren't going to avoid the overtly christian lyrics. So basically what you get is a extraordinarily mediocre metal duo (who need to find a session drummer desparately...the drum machine really weakens the sound) who are better off with their more atmospheric moments on the disc and not stepping up to the mic. (The instrumental "The Return of Aslan"--gotta love that lion from the namesake C.S. Lewis books--is actually pretty good.) To me the biggest turnoff to this group is the lyrics as I really don't enjoy upfront christianity in my metal. Chances are very few other metal fans will disagree.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 08/1998

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