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The Naysayers

The Naysayers - The Naysayers ©2005 Self-Released
1. Wanted Man
2. Pants On Fire
3. I Don't Want It
4. Kentucky Handshake
5. Bury Me Naked
6. Daddy's Dream (let It Breathe)
7. Home By Midnight
8. Nightlife
9. Stairbird
10. Sazerac
11. Porchlite

Now you've heard it all. Southern fried rock from San Francisco. I associate things like fog, Dead Kennedys and hippies with that city, but perhaps that just me. The Naysayers are a hard rock outfit, through and through, with the aforementioned southern slant. The band's debut CD, the cleverly titled The Naysayers (which I understand was named after a band of the same name), is the type of CD that wouldn't have been terribly out of place in 1979, blaring from the cab of a Camaro. In fact, it's probably a good idea to find an old Camaro or some sort of muscle car in order to appreciate the album and create a sense of authenticity. I'm not even going to attempt to play this CD in my Nissan economy car. The CD would surely catapult itself out of my deck and decapitate me for not offering the proper Hard Rock Setting.

The Naysayers can easily be compared to AC/DC and since I'm essentially a lazy hack, that's what I shall do. Vocalist/guitarist Jason Hayes-Stewart's singing is very similar to a cross between Bon Scott and Brian Johnson, except that Homer Simpson occasionally sounds like he's strangling Hayes-Stewart. The harder rocking songs are arena friendly, pump your fist and flick your Bic lighter type of material. The CD also offers a few slower "power ballads", which honestly make me want to vomit. No offense to the Naysayers, but I suffered through the late 80s power ballad trend and it still skeeves me out beyond words. The Naysayers are simply much better providing rocking out music, not tunes for housewives.

If you are a construction worker, stuck in 1981 Freaks and Geeks burnout mode, or wear AC/DC shirts to be ironical, The Naysayers offer a genuine, unpretensious slab of hard rock. Sure, they may borrow heavily from their influences, but very few bands are truly original. The songwriting is overall pretty good so what more do you want?

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2006

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